Show your fur baby a little extra dose of love this Feb! Here are 10 pet-safe ways to celebrate your special bond and make every day feel like valentine’s day.  


  1. Get the perfect pet gift 

We all know that chocolate and sweets aren’t good for pets… But that doesn’t mean your fur baby has to miss out on V Day spoils! We suggest purchasing: 

  • Their favourite snacks. Take a look at our range of cat, dog, bird and small animal treats. 
  • A new bed if they need one. Our range of dog and cat bedding is the perfect place to find one!  
  • A brand new toy. We’ve got a huge range of cat and dog toys to keep your fur baby entertained for hours! 


2. Go on an adventure 

Is your fur baby leash trained? Does he or she love to visit the local park for playtime or a walk? Or perhaps the beach is more their speed where they can play in the ocean! Whatever your pets top outdoor activity, spend some quality time with them doing just that. 


In the market for a new lead or collar? Take a look at our range for dogs and cats 


3. Enjoy a pet spa day 

A clean pet is a happy pet! And for many pets, grooming is a social activity. Bond with your fur baby by recreating a spa day for them! Think leisurely grooming fun:  


Need anything else for your spa day? Marltons extensive range of grooming accessories has you covered. 


4. Plan a pet friend date! 

Does your fur baby have a best buddy? Whether it’s their favourite human (other than you, of course!) or a fur friend, invite them over for a play date! Think fun activities like: 

  • Pet pool party 
  • Going for a hike or walk   
  • Backyard fetch or frisbee games 
  • A picnic or beach day 

Need something to keep the fur babies entertained? Check out our range of cat and dog toys! 


5. Adopt: Bring home a friend for your fur baby 

Is your fur baby super social and in need of a sibling? Or perhaps you’re thinking of adopting another kind of animal. The best way to spread the love this month is to adopt from a shelter, foster or rescue organisation. There are so many to choose from that it can seem overwhelming. So, why not start with one of the two organisations we support – our Marltons Mates 



Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other as well as your fur baby? Here are 5 common pet hazards to keep an eye on: 

  1. Chocolates 

Keep your pet away from this popular Valentine’s Day gift – human’s only! Be sure to stash your chocolates safely out of reach from those sneaky pets who go ferreting for food.  

 2. Xylitol 

Did you know that many sugar-free or sugar-light treats are packed full of Xylitol? Unfortunately, this sweetener is highly toxic for fur babies, so be sure to keep these up high! 

 3. Gift bags & wrappings 

Is your fur baby constantly finding things to chew on? Make sure you pack away any ribbons, deflated balloons and wrapping paper – these are highly hazardous to curious pets. 

 4. Candles 

Setting the scene for a romantic dinner with candles? These can be a serious fire hazard when you have pets.  

 5. Flowers 

Did you know that certain flowers can be toxic to pets? Be sure to research which one’s before gifting. Alternatively, if you receive flowers, place them somewhere high, where your pet won’t come into contact with them.  


For more pet care tips and tricks like this one take a look at our helpful blog section!