• How to Keep Pets Cool in Hot Weather

    March 01 2021

    How to Keep Pets Cool in Hot Weather

    February might be the hottest month in South Africa, but March is a close second! If you’re struggling in this hot weather, did you know that pets have an even tougher time staying cool? Unlike humans, dogs and cats only have sweat glands in their paws and around their noses. This can make it hard for them to regulate their...

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  • 5 Tips to Survive Puppy Teething

    February 03 2021

    5 Tips to Survive Puppy Teething

    Is your pup chewing everything in your home but the kitchen sink? Your puppy could be teething! That’s right… Just like us humans, your dog’s baby teeth will fall out as a puppy to make way for new adult teeth. Not to worry, we’re here to help you get through this without too many home items falling prey to those...

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  • Our Top 5 Pawsome Pet Care Resolution

    January 05 2021

    Our Top 5 Pawsome Pet Care Resolution

    Happy new year, pet parents! Here’s to a barking good 2021. Have you made any resolutions? If you have a hard time sticking to your goals, why not include your pet? With your fur baby involved, you might find you’re more motivated – and that resolutions are more fun! After all, happy pet equals happy pet parent.

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  • Holiday Season Pet Care Tips

    December 03 2020

    Holiday Season Pet Care Tips

    Holiday season has arrived! And while it’s generally the time of year when most of us can enjoy a well-deserved break, it’s also a time that can cause stress for pets. Let’s minimise that stress together!

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  • Doggy Dental Care 101

    November 10 2020

    Doggy Dental Care 101

    Doggy dental care is a part of pet health care that is often overlooked. But the truth is, your doggo needs dental care – just like us humans do! In fact, if left unchecked, dental issues can lead to life threatening issues like heart, liver and

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  • Pet Exercise 101

    October 01 2020

    Pet Exercise 101

    A busy pet is a happy pet! Just like us humans, pets need exercise to keep them happy, strong and healthy. But different pets have different exercise needs. Find the heading below that applies to your fur baby.

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