Dog Health Care & Hygiene

Keep your best friend comfortable, happy and healthy with our extensive range of health care and hygiene products.
Worms, ticks and fleas are a common problem for dogs and their owners. Regularly treating them with our extensive range of dips, tablets, drops, shampoo and bedding powder is a gentle, yet effective solution to help this problem.
Our range of hygiene and grooming products are safe for your fur kids, kills germs and is suitable for pet environments. You will find definitely find the product that suits your pet’s needs.


For many pets, grooming is a social activity as well as a cleansing one. Keep your best friend fresh and smelling great with Marltons extensive range of shampoos and grooming accessories.

Snacks & Treats

Marltons understands that your dog is part of the family and spoiling them comes with the territory! We have a wide range of snacks and treats in a variety of flavours and shapes that are tasty enough to make any dog’s day.

Feeding Accessories

Dogs will eat anything!
Keep their food fresh and insect-free, and make meal time even more memorable for them with Marltons range of bowls.


One of the joys of owning dogs is playing with them. Our range of dog toys is bound to keep your four-legged friend’s tail wagging whether you’re there to entertain them or not.


Rest is important for man’s best friend if they are to maintain their upbeat demeanour. We’re here to ensure your four-legged friend is able to enjoy their down time and recharge properly with our range of comfortable beds, cushions and blankets.

Training Aids

Training your dog does not have to be difficult. We have a range of easy to use training aids that will make life easier and happier for you and your best friend.

Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Exercise keeps pets in good shape and helps stave off health problems. Keep your pooch from wondering off during your run or walk with our range of collars, leads & harnesses, designed to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes.