Cat Health care & Hygiene

Keep your best friend comfortable, happy and healthy with our extensive range of health care and hygiene products.
Worms, ticks and fleas are a common problem for cats and their owners. Regularly treating them with our extensive range of dips, drops, shampoo and bedding powder is a gentle, yet effective solution to help this problem.
Our range of hygiene and grooming products are safe for your fur kids, kills germs and is suitable for pet environments. You will find definitely find the product that suits your pet’s needs.

Litter & Accessories

Cats instinctively excrete in sand or soil, which can make it tricky to train your cat when indoors. Marltons Cat Litter makes caring for your cat’s ablution requirements a whole lot easier with a range that is suited to your cat’s needs.

Snacks & Treats

We understand just how much you love to spoil your cat. Put a smile on your feline’s face with Marltons range of treats.

Feeding Accessories

Cats can be very particular about their food. So, our range of cat bowls are here to ensure their water and meals remain fresh and free from bugs, to keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

Scratchers & Toys

Taking care of your pet and keeping them happy is easier than ever with Marltons because we understand that you want to provide your cats with all they need to lead a comfortable life. That’s why Marltons have developed a range of accessories that will keep your cat entertained for hours and cater to their daily needs.

Training Aids

A well-trained cat is a happy cat. Trust the Marltons range of training aids to help you teach Fluffy to be a good kitty. Our training aids work by releasing a strong odour which confuses your cat’s or dog’s sense of smell. Over a period of a few weeks, they will then learn to move away from treated areas and into those where they can detect evidence of previous foul odours.


Kit your feline friend out with an accessory that perfectly matches their personality. Marltons has a range of comfortable collars for you to choose from.

Housing & Bedding

Cats are mostly nocturnal which means they love to curl up and catch up on sleep during the day. Make cat naps comfortable for your feline friend with our range of housing and bedding