Shopping for a dog toy? Before adding a toy to your basket, here is what you need to know.

Shopping for a dog toy? Before adding a toy to your basket, here is what you need to know.

Understanding your pet’s habits will help you choose dog toys that are best suited to them. Here’s how observing chewing behaviors can help you avoid barking up the wrong tree with an incorrect dog toy choice!

The simple things in life are often the most fulfilling, and spending time playing with our pets ranks right up there alongside the very best! It's great exercise, and more importantly, you're giving your pet your undivided attention - which helps reinforce that they're a special part of your life.
Play gives your dog valuable mental stimulation and encourages calming behaviour; and a suitable dog toy can enhance this experience positively – but how do you choose the correct toys for YOUR dog?

Just like you’ve learnt what your pet’s favourite snacks & treats are, it’s also worth understanding the differences between Chews and Toys – and how to choose based on your pet’s chewing personality. Luckily, we’re here to guide you!

Chewing is an important enrichment aspect of any dog’s life. It helps with anxiety, frustration, and boredom, while also keeping their teeth clean and their chewing muscles strong. However, when your favourite pair of sneakers or dining room table’s legs become your pet’s new favourite chew toy, perhaps it’s time to consider your options.

Watch them carefully; what type of chewer is your pet?

  • The gentle chewer: They go easy on toys and chewables, hardly ever destroying them. The tendency is to lick or suck on the toys, and they often prefer plush or fabric toys.

    RECOMMENDATION: Rubber chew toys, stuffed toys, edible chews, balls – or try the Sheepskin Bone.

  • The average chewer: Arguably the most common type of chewer, happily plays with all kinds of toys. Plush or fabric toys could be destroyed; rubber toys stand a better chance. 

    RECOMMENDATION: Stuffed or rubber chew toys, edible chews, slightly more durable balls. Besides being great for laughs, the vinyl rugby ball is a good option here! 

  • The power chewer: Think of these as the discerning chewers, often strong and determined once they get chewing. Durable, interactive toys made of firm rubber are recommended for power chewers.

    RECOMMENDATION: Rubber toys, stuffed toys, edible chews, or a ball-shaped Rope Bone.

  • The senior chewer: Even in its older years, it’s still important for your dog to enjoy a chew toy – but be sure to choose a softer rubber toy with a bit of spring to it, to be gentle on aging teeth, gums, and jaws. 
RECOMMENDATION: Stuffed or soft rubber chew toys, edible chews, or the Plush Sandwich.

  • The teething chewer: It’s instinct for a puppy to chew, especially when they’re teething. Those little teeth are often needle-sharp, so be sure that the toy is durable enough to withstand them – and remember, puppies require significantly more supervision when chewing. 

    RECOMMENDATION: Rubber chew toys like the Vinyl Rugged Ring, or edible chews.

Chews are meant to be destroyed and can typically be given to your pet with little supervision required. However, when it comes to dedicated one-on-one play time, Toys are the recommended go-to – and here’s why.

When choosing a quality play toy, consider the size of your pet vs the size and durability of the toy. The bigger the breed, the more durable the toy will need to be. Toys are best used as part of playtime with you and packed away afterwards; we do not recommend that you leave your dog without supervision with toys. Practising this will not only extend the life of the toy, but also make it a special activity that your dog looks forward to.

There are hundreds of options for great dog toys to choose from, but remember not to purchase toys that look like ordinary household objects – this includes shoes, kids’ toys, etc. You wouldn’t want your pet to associate these precious items with their toys!

For the breeds that love tugging and pulling, a firm favourite is the Dog Rope Toy – but be prepared to dig your heels in for a serious tugging battle, you might just break a sweat.

TIP OF THE DAY: One common toy that all breeds love are tennis balls, and we’ve got a handy three pack available!

Happy shopping – and happy playing!