Getting ready to bring home a furry friend for the first time? Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of owning a dog! As a first-time dog parent, there are a few things you’ll need to know. We’ve written a list of our top 8 tips for new doggy parents. Check it out!

Before your pup arrives

1. Dog-proof your home & get supplies
Establish which areas of your home will be no-go zones for your new furry friend. Then set up pet gates if need be. 
While you’re at it stock up on all the essential pet care supplies your pup is going to need:
  • Toys
  • Food and water bowls
  • Collar and lead
  • Treats
  • Pet bed
  • Brush 
  • Shampoo
You’ll find all these goodies for doggies and more, here. 

2. Choose a good vet
One of the first things you should do is look for a great vet for your fur baby. Be sure to take your dog for a check-up once you get him or her, to ensure they’re up to date on vaccines. Ask your vet if they have any advice when it comes to your pup’s individualised health care. 


Once you have your doggo

3. Microchip your pup
It’s a good idea to consider microchipping your pet. The procedure doesn’t take long and offers you peace of mind that should your pet go missing, your chances of being reunited are high. 
Not able to microchip your dog yet? Try our Marltons Pet Find Me Tag instead. 

4. Work out a routine
Pets thrive on routine. So, make sure you introduce a schedule to your and your pup’s life to prevent any anxiety: 
  • Establish set meal times
  • Include daily exercise 
  • Be consistent with bed time 
Initially, you may need to convince pup to participate if they’re shy. Try coax them into the activity with our range of doggy snacks and treats!

5. Train your fur baby
Unless you’ve adopted a dog from a diligent foster, it’s pretty likely your new furry friend won’t be housetrained. Be sure to teach your fur baby the basics and reward them with doggy snacks and treats. We also recommend taking your pup to dog training classes. This will help with recall, lead training and more.
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Monthly must-dos:

6. Tick & flea prevention
Did you know that fleas and ticks can still affect your pup in the winter months? In fact, it’s a year-round issue. That’s why we recommend monthly tick and flea prevention to keep your fur baby happy and itch-free. 
While you’re here, why not browse our range of tick and flea solutions for dogs?

7. Get the right dog food
Proper nutrition is important. Make sure you do some research on what your pup was eating before coming home with you and decide on whether you need to transition them onto a new diet. 


It’s also a good idea to consult your vet as your fur baby may have specialised food needs. There are so many dog foods that cater to all kinds of things from joint health and allergies to sensitive tummies and weight-control. 

8. Schedule regular vaccines
Last but not least… Vaccines are vital to the health of your new furry friend. They stave off common doggy diseases, so your pup can enjoy a good quality of life! Check with your vet when your fur baby is due for their next shot.