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TetraPro Algae Crisps

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TetraPro Algae Crisps are premium vegetable-based fish feed in a crisp form. You can use this product for all ornamental fish living in freshwater aquariums or other containers.

Tetra offers five types of fish food in the crisp form: TetraMin Pro, TetraPro Energy, TetraPro Color, TetraProAlgae, and TetraPro Menu.

These multi-crisps are made using a gentle, low-temperature process and are considered a staple food for all ornamental fish. They have an optimal protein-fat ratio that provides all essential nutrients to the fish while increasing high-quality fats, special carotenoids, or concentrated spirulina algae.

The patented manufacturing process of TetraPro Algae Crisps enables targeted feeding of herbivorous fish with high-quality premium food. This food supports rich colours and ensures that herbivorous fish receive all the necessary nutrients.

Features & Advantages:
This fish feed has a high acceptance rate for all tropical ornamental fish in freshwater aquariums. It contains algae concentrate to improve resistance, high nutrient content due to a low-temperature process, and a patented multi-crisp manufacturing process. It is ideal for herbivorous fish.
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