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TetraMin Crisps

Product Code: 2587

Product Size: 100 ml

Product Description

TetraMin Crisps is a complete food mix designed to provide all the necessary nutrients for the daily feeding of all freshwater ornamental fish.

The crisps are produced using the Tetra gentle low-temperature process, which preserves the nutrients, ensuring higher nutritional value. The crisps also float on the water's surface for an extended period before slowly sinking, making them perfect for mixed fish stock.

The BioActive formula in the crisps helps to maintain a healthy immune system, while prebiotics support bodily functions and food conversion.
TetraMin Crips are a Complete food in the form of a crisp mix with high quality, functional nutrients, providing a complete diet for daily feeding of all ornamental fish and supporting healthy fish growth, vitality, and colour vibrancy.
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