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Tetra Wafermix

Product Code: 2558

Product Size: 68 g

Product Description

If you have bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans, you may have noticed that they must wait until all the top-tank fish have finished eating during feeding time. However, with Tetra Wafermix, you can ensure your bottom feeders get their fair share of food without competition. These small wafers sink to the bottom, reducing competition and allowing all fish to feed.

Tetra Wafermix is suitable for both herbivores and carnivores, as it contains green and brown-coloured wafers. The green wafers contain spirulina algae, essential for herbivorous fish, while the brown wafers are ideal for carnivorous ones. This ensures that all your fish receive the necessary nutrients for their dietary needs.

Another great feature of Tetra Wafermix is that the wafers remain solid as they sink to the bottom. This means the aquarium water stays clear and clean for your fish, and the wafers won't disintegrate or dissolve before reaching your bottom feeders.
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