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Tetra Goldfish Granules

Product Code: 2532

Product Size: 80 g

Product Description

Aquarium goldfish have a less active lifestyle compared to wild goldfish and require less food to stay healthy. However, it is essential to provide them with nutrient-rich and balanced food to ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients they would get in the wild. Tetra Goldfish Granules are biologically balanced and help keep your goldfish healthy and active. They are vitamin-rich and highly digestible, resulting in lower waste levels.

Tetrafin Granules provide a clean and clear water formula that supports the overall health of your goldfish, helping them live a long life. These granules are specially formulated to enhance your goldfish's health, colour, and vitality. They are highly digestible, reducing waste and keeping your aquarium cleaner for a more extended period.

These granules are biologically balanced and nutrient-rich, providing your goldfish with all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. With Tetrafin Granules, you can ensure that your goldfish receives the best possible nutrition, allowing them to lead a happy and healthy life in your aquarium.

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