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Tetra Goldfish Flakes

Product Code: 2522

Product Size: 100 ml

Product Description

Introducing the optimally balanced Tetra flake mixture for your goldfish and other coldwater fish. This specially formulated flake food contains all the essential nutrients and trace elements required for promoting your fish's health, natural colouring and vitality. With the BioActive formula, you can be assured of a long and healthy life for your beloved pets.

But that's not all. The Clean & Clear Water formula in this flake mixture improves food conversion. It reduces fish excretion, meaning your aquarium water stays cleaner and clearer for longer periods. No more frequent water changes or unpleasant odours!

Feeding your fish has never been easier with the handy dosing lid that always ensures a convenient and accurate dosage. This flake mixture provides a varied diet for your goldfish and other cold-water fish.

Whether you're a seasoned aquarium owner or just starting, this optimally balanced Tetra Goldfish Flakes mixture with BioActive and Clean & Clear Water formula is a must-have for your aquatic pets. Buy it today and enjoy watching your fish thrive!
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