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Tetra Algumin 100ml

Product Code: 2645

Product Size: 100 ml

Product Description

Excessive algae growth in an aquarium can cause the tank to look dirty and clog the filters, making it an unappealing environment for your aquatic pets. To prevent this, Tetra Algumin is the ideal solution. It is a natural product that helps control and prevent unwanted algae formation in your aquarium.

Tetra Algumin contains natural peat extracts and the algicide monolinuron, which work together to inhibit algae growth by turning the water dark brown and reducing light penetration. This means that photosynthesis, which is crucial for algae growth, is affected, thus preventing the formation of unwanted algae in your tank.

What sets Tetra Algumin apart is that it is harmless to all fish and plants except for algae. It is entirely safe and will not cause any harm or stress to your aquatic friends. With Tetra Algumin, you can maintain a clean and safe environment for your pets.
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