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Marltons Gravel Cleaner 41 cm

Product Code: 1617

Product Size: 41 cm

Product Description

Introducing the Marltons Gravel Cleaner, the perfect solution for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your tropical fish aquarium. This high-quality gravel cleaner efficiently removes debris and waste from the gravel, ensuring your aquarium remains pristine and your fish stay happy and healthy.

The Marltons Gravel Cleaner has an innovative design and superior performance, making it a must-have for any tropical fish owner. It effectively removes dirt, uneaten food, and other waste from the gravel, preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria and toxins. This helps reduce the risk of diseases and ensures your fish can thrive in a clean and safe environment.

The Marltons Gravel Cleaner comes in three sizes to suit your specific needs. The 13cm size is perfect for smaller aquariums, whereas the 22.5cm size is ideal for medium tanks and the 41cm for larger ones.

Invest in the Marltons Gravel Cleaner today and give your tropical fish aquarium the clean and healthy environment it deserves.
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