Tail-Wagging Marltons Semi-Moist Treat Tubs

Tail-Wagging Marltons Semi-Moist Treat Tubs

Not all treats are created equal – that’s why we’ve made sure our Marltons Semi-Moist Treat Tubs are packed with flavour and have the most appealing texture, while making sure they’re good for your doggo!

Has your pooch tried our Marltons Semi-Moist Treat Tubs yet? If not, they’re in for a real treat! Tasty, moist and chewy, they’re the perfect way to bond with your fur baby or reward good behaviour. Plus, they contain Omega 3 and 6 to help your dog maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Conveniently packaged in tubs to keep them fresher for longer, our Semi-Moist Treat Tubs are suitable for all doggies – big, small, young or old! Choose from four delicious flavours: biltong, sausage rolls, assorted bites or peanut butter.

Pro tip: your dog sees treats as a sign of affection. So, it’s important you dole out treats at the right time and for the right reasons or you may confuse your pooch and encourage bad habits. Our suggestion is to give treats to reward good behaviour, encourage bonding time (i.e. when you return home) or to help condition your dog to something new, like a trip to the vet.

Find out more about our treats range here: https://marltons.co.za/products/dogs/snacks-treats-and-toppings/