Posted July 07 2017

Pocket-sized pets

Pocket-sized pets

How to tame small animals:

Smaller pets like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats and Mice can be difficult to handle at first. However, they can be easy to tame. Start taming your pet by following this list of tips:

  1. Before you can handle your pet, you must allow the animal to get used to you. Do not remove it from its cage. Instead, allow it to associate human contact with good things, like being fed by gently stroking the animal while it eats.
  2. Once your pet has become more accustomed to your presence, you can progress to the following steps. Before you attempt to pick up your pet, ensure the environment is right. Choose a quiet and calm area or a room where one can close the door. If your pet does escapes, one could find comfort in the fact that he/she is safely contained in this area.
  3. Make sure you wash your hands before handling your pet. If you’ve handled food before handling your pet it may smell the food and nibble on you. Always wash your hands after handling the pet.
  4. When picking up the animal, avoid sudden, jerky movements as this may scare your pet. Move calmly and handle the animal with respect, making sure the encounter is a positive experience.
  5. Ensure its entire body is supported and do not pick it up by the ears, tail or legs as this can scare or injure the animal. In turn, this could lead to the animal biting you, or a breach of trust which is hard to regain in a small pet.

Taming your pet is a trust building exercise, and if you treat them gently and with respect, they should relax around you. Environment plays a big role in this too so, make sure your pet is taken care of properly by purchasing the proper housing, accessories and food. Visit any nationwide supermarket and select local pet or vet stores for quality Marltons small animal products.

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