Our Top 5 Pawsome Pet Care Resolution

Our Top 5 Pawsome Pet Care Resolution

Happy new year, pet parents! Here’s to a barking good 2021. Have you made any resolutions? If you have a hard time sticking to your goals, why not include your pet? With your fur baby involved, you might find you’re more motivated – and that resolutions are more fun! After all, happy pet equals happy pet parent. So, without further delay, let’s make this the best year ever with our top 5 pet care resolutions!


#1 Exercise more

This one’s more for dog owners, but, hey, we’ve seen people walking their cats – it’s a thing! Commit to exercising with your pet every day. Whether that means a daily walk, run or 30 minutes of intense pet playtime, it’s benefitting both you and your fur baby!

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#2 Learn something new

This is a popular one, folks. It’s also the perfect pet care resolution… Teaching your pet a new skill means you learn something new while spending more quality time with your fur baby! Start small by brushing up on their training and then look at teaching puppy to do ‘paw’ or kitty to fetch.

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#3 Get organised

The holiday season is for relaxing after a busy year. So, it’s no wonder we like to get organised when the new year hits! While you’re drawing up to-do lists be sure to schedule an annual check-up with the vet. If you’ve moved recently or changed your phone number, now is the perfect time to update your pet’s info tag or chip. Cleaning out the house? Take stock of pet toys that need to be tossed or find a better place to store them.

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#4 Take better care of yourself

2020 was a tough year, but it taught us the importance of self-care. Did you know that by having a pet you’re already a step ahead of the race? They’re meant to be good for our mental health. 

You might look at your pet and wish for their care-free life… But they experience stress too. So, why not commit to spending more time outdoors with your pet? Not only is this meant to help with any stress you might be feeling, but it means more exercise and bonding time with your fur baby!


#5 Spend more time with loved ones

We love that most pet parents consider their fur babies part of the family! So, in the spirit of this resolution, why not pledge to spend more time with your pet? It’ll strengthen your bond, and you might find it adds just a little more happiness to your day! Why not get the whole family involved too? Invite them on walks, get them to help you groom your fur baby or make play time fun for everyone!

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Whichever new year’s resolutions you choose to go with, we hope your 2021 is filled with happiness, pet cuddles and all the good stuff!