How to Stop Litter Tracking

How to Stop Litter Tracking

Did you know that cat litter tracking is one of the most common cat paw-rent complaints? If your furry best friend is leaving a trail of litter around your home or decorating the area around their litter box with said litter, we’re talking to you!  

Why does this happen?

Basically, it’s the result of litter getting stuck to your kitty’s paws when they’re doing their business. 

So, what do we do about it? Here’s the inside scoop on how to prevent litter tracking from us pet care experts!


Try a Different Litter Box

A quick and easy solution to litter tracking is to simply swap your current litter box for one that’s either enclosed or has higher sides. This will help keep litter inside the box when your kitty is kicking litter over his business! Bear in mind: that kittens or elderly cats may have trouble climbing into a litter box with higher sides. So it’s important to make sure there’s an easy entry point for your fur baby.


Try Dust-Free Litter

Did you know that some clay-based cat litters contain something called ‘silica dust’? This is what ends up stuck to kitty’s paws - and all over your floor. Try switching to dust-free litter to help prevent litter tracking. Our Eco Cat Litter Pellets are dust-free, making them a great choice. 

From litter that offers odour-elimination and hygiene to super absorbent and biodegradable litters, we have loads of options available to cat parents. Check out our cat litter range here. 


Try Quick Clumping Litter

If your litter isn’t quick-clumping and kitty is prone to stepping on their wet litter, it’ll cling to their paws and track outside the litter box. Try a quick-clumping litter like our Hygiene Clumping Litter – this will prevent litter from clinging to kitty’s paws.


Try a Litter Mat

Another solution worth mentioning is a litter mat! The main benefit to using these mats is that they pull litter off kitty’s feet and contain the mess to one spot. However, it’s worth noting that some mats hold litter so well it can be a struggle to remove it completely.


Try Trimming Paws

Is your kitty long-haired? Long-haired cats are more prone to litter tracking, simply because they usually have more fur on their paws. This is easily remedied by trimming the hair between their toe beans and along their paws. 


Last Resort: Stash A Broom & Dustpan Close by 

If you still find your kitty tracking litter through the room, a small broom and dustpan set is a great quick fix. It might not be the most efficient fix but it means that as soon as you see the mess you can clear it up in a matter of seconds!

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