How To Potty Train Your New Kitty

How To Potty Train Your New Kitty

If you’ve just adopted a kitty you might need some potty training advice. We’re here to help you get through this with minimal pain and maximum chill! Though chances are, kitty will know instinctively what to do and where to go. Most kitties learn to do their business in the litterbox from their mom… But if you’ve rescued an older cat it might take a tiny bit of patience on your part.


Tip #1: Get ready

First off, make sure you’re all stocked on the essentials:

  • A litter box
  • A litter scoop
  • Kitty litter


Tip #2: Choose the right size

When choosing a litterbox, make sure the product you choose is big enough for kitty. According to experts, it should be about 1.5 times the length of your fur baby. Low sides are also a good idea – most cats don’t like litter boxes that constrict their movements. Looking for a good litter scoop? Check out ours over here.


Tip #3: The perfect litter

When it comes to picking kitty litter, your cat will have their own preference. From scented to unscented litter, Marltons has a range of litter options that will make this job comfy and easy for both you and your fur baby. Another tip is to go for litter that clumps or absorbs liquids and has a sand-like texture - try Marltons Hygiene Clumping Litter or Crystal Litter.


Tip #4: More is less

Did you know that some cats like to pee in one litterbox and poop in a different one? So, it’s a good idea to invest in two litterboxes. Have more than one kitty? Some cats don’t like sharing their litterboxes with other kitties. For this reason, we suggest making sure you have at least one litter box per cat. Spread them out across rooms, and floors if your house is multi-level – this will ensure your kitty has his or her own space to go to the loo. 


While you’re stocking up on kitty litter essentials, why not check out our other pet care products for cats?


Tip #5: Show kitty what to do

Now that you’re all set, your kitty should be able to start using the litterbox on their own. If kitty is missing the litterbox then there are things you can do to help him or her, like:

  • Show kitty where their litter box is
  • When kitty relieves themselves in the litterbox, reward them with a treat and lots of praise! Try our range of tasty Cat Snacks & Treats.  
  • After morning and evening meals, place kitty in the litterbox
  • Don’t shout or yell at kitty when they do their business on the floor


Bonus Tip: Why has my cat started weeing everywhere?

Has your kitty started relieving themselves outside the litterbox on carpets and couches? This is most likely because of stress. It could be that your cat is upset that you’ve changed the litterbox location, switched to a new litter or have left the litter for too long. Before heading to your vet, see if a quick fix, like moving kitties litter box, will solve the issue first. 


If your kitty is simply marking their territory, try Marltons Wash & Get Off Spray – it neutralises pet odour and deters dogs and cats from fouling in the same area.