Holiday Season Pet Care Tips

Holiday Season Pet Care Tips

Holiday season has arrived! And while it’s generally the time of year when most of us can enjoy a well-deserved break, it’s also a time that can cause stress for pets. Let’s minimise that stress together!


It’s important that you stick as close to your regular routine or your pets may become confused. Try to feed them at the same times, and keep up with daily exercise or play time.


Animals have incredibly sensitive hearing, which can be a problem during the festive season when celebratory noises are at their max. Keep an ear out and be mindful of this. Make sure your pets have a safe spot away from noises that scare them that they can retreat to. Sometimes having familiar sounds can help calm animals down. Try having the TV or music on in their safe space to help drown out the more frightening noises. If fireworks are an issue for an anxious pet, chat to your vet about what treatments you can use to calm them.


Heading off on holiday with your pets? This can be stressful for some pets. A simple way to comfort them and help them to settle in quickly is to take along their bed, toys and bedding. Having the familiar scents of home with them will help to soothe their anxiety.

Before embarking on your journey, as a precaution we suggest ensuring your pet has identification info on their collar and is microchipped with up-to-date info.

Pet Sitters

Are you going away during the festive season but leaving your pet at home with a sitter? It may help to properly introduce your sitter to your fur baby before leaving. Invite the sitter over for a bonding meet and greet session – this way your pet is used to the person they’ll be spending time with!


If you’re planning on having more people around, make sure that your pets have a room or area where they can escape to if they become overwhelmed. Pop their beds in there, so they know where to go if need be.

Last Word

Keep pets busy and distract them from stress during the festive season with a new toy or interactive feeders. And be sure to reward them for good behaviour with a treat or two. While you’re here, why not shop our range of pet products and find something suitable for your fur baby?