Freshwater finned friends

Freshwater finned friends

6 Aquarium FAQ’s for beginners

Aquariums are beautiful to look at but require a fair amount of upkeep. Keep your finned friends happy by maintaining the tank regularly and you probably won’t need to replace pricy parts or visit the vet too often.

What size tank should you buy?

If you have enough space, bigger tanks are better, but purchase the tank that suits your budget.

How do you clean the tank/change the water?

If you have a smaller tank this should not take long at all, however, larger tanks will take time to clean. You don’t need to take anything out of the tank to clean it – you might end up stressing the fish or getting rid of healthy bacteria which could affect your filtration system.

Instead, you’ll need to remove about 10 – 15% of the water and replace it with fresh dechlorinated tap water. You’ll also need to use a siphon to remove some of the dirt that collects on the gravel and decorations in the tank.

What happens if you have algae?

If you’ve got algae growing in your tank, use an algae scraper and remove it before cleaning the gravel or adding fresh water. Algae and green water are normally a sign of overfeeding and excessive light, these can be sorted out with Algaecides.

How often should you change the water?

You should change the water often – about once every 1-2 weeks. But never more than 10% of the water at a time as mentioned above.

How much should you feed your fish?

Feed your fish twice a day at most. But be sure to avoid overfeeding them. Rather, feed them small amounts at a time and watch the fish finish the food before feeding them more.

How do you introduce a new fish to the tank?

Before you go out and buy a fish, do some research to check that that particular species is compatible with the other fish in the tank.

Also, beware of overstocking the tank. It will help ensure the equilibrium remains healthy within the tank if you do not overstock.

Once you’ve got a new fish, if possible try and use a quarantine tank.

When adding the fish to the water, allow it to acclimatise by floating the bag in the water for a minimum of 15 minutes. This will help to equalise the temperature in the bag with the temperature of the water in the tank. Temperature and PH levels are equally important – the bag needs to float open in the water – adding small amounts of fish tank water to the bag every 5 minutes for at least 20 minutes.


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