Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends

The pros & cons of owning a bird

Thinking about bringing home a feathered friend? Read this list of pros and cons and decide for yourself:


– When it comes to intelligence, birds get a bad rap. Contrary to the term ‘bird brain’, birds are actually highly intelligent animals. They’re able to mimic many sounds, words and phrases, adapt to environments, navigate, learn tricks – in fact, some birds can even communicate appropriately to a certain extent.

– Birds are beautiful creatures. Their plumage is eye-catching, they don’t require as much hands-on attention as a dog or a cat, and they’re relatively clean creatures.

– Another reason many people are drawn to keeping pet birds is because they’re incredibly friendly. They love human interaction, being held and cuddling. Some will enjoy hopping about all over you while you sit in one spot, while others like to sing along with.


– The most obvious downside to owning a pet bird is the noise. Birds express themselves by chirping, singing, squawking, hooting – the list goes on. They make continuous noise whether they’re content or unhappy. Before getting a pet bird, think about your living situation: will this be an issue?

– Pet birds are as expensive to own as they are to purchase. Their food, chew toys, cage, dishes and vet fees are rather steep. So, before even considering a pet bird, ensure you are aware of the monthly costs so you’re able to calculate whether you can afford to keep one.

– Pet birds are easily bored. If they are bored too often birds can start to become destructive or depressed and peck at themselves or pull their own feathers out. This is particularly difficult to deal with if you have a solitary bird. If possible it is better to buy two or more birds to ensure they keep one another entertained.

– One of the biggest issues to owning a pet bird is the risk of injury. When a bird is scared, it will bite – and this can mean they will draw blood, or in the case of larger birds, they can even bite off fingers. Always be aware of this when handling a bird and ensure you respect the animal. It’s also important you do not leave children alone with birds.

– As with any pet, there is the issue of going on holiday. Finding a capable bird-sitter can be especially difficult as birds require more care than most people realise.


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