The Marltons Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Litter

The Marltons Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Litter


There are so many available options for cat litter that it can be difficult for cat owners to choose the right one for their feline companion.

At Marltons, we understand how important your cat's well-being is to you, so we are here to help you find the best cat litter for your needs.

We can guide you in selecting the most suitable cat litter by considering all the essential factors. This way, you can make an informed decision and ensure your cat is happy and comfortable.

Whether you're a first-time or seasoned cat owner, there are three factors to consider before buying:

  • The material that the cat litter is made of
  • It’s ease-of-use
  • And it’s odour control ability.

These three factors affect the trade-off between convenience and affordability.

Basically, the more affordable the product, the greater your chance of regular kitty litter maintenance - and yes, the effort involved in your maintenance routine decreases as the product cost increases.

It's up to you to find that happy medium, and knowing what to look for makes it easier to do so – so; let's take a closer look at the various cat litter materials, their ease of use, and their ability to control odours.

Understanding the properties of some of the most common materials used in cat litters already puts you at a great advantage:

BENTONITE CLAY: Bentonite is a natural clay that can absorb nearly four times its own weight, making it a great base for cat litter products. Our Marltons Regular Litter – made from bentonite clay – is a great example of this.

NATURAL MATERIAL: Natural-based cat litters is a great environmentally friendly alternative – it’s also convenient to use when you’ve got multiple pets, such as rabbits, hamsters, etc. The Marltons Eco-Wood Litter is made from 100% natural pine, which is eco-friendly, completely biodegradable and safe to dispose of in your garden.

CLUMPING CLAY: Clumping Clay litters are also made from natural clay materials, formulated for a quick-clumping action for ease of use; clumping clay is a highly absorbent material that can even be used for cleaning up messes like oil leaks – and thanks to its clumping properties, it can be easily disposed of as well. The Marltons 3-in-1 Clumping Litter product, made from 100% Bentonite Clay, is an excellent example of this type of cat litter material.

CRYSTAL LITTER: Made from non-toxic silica sand, crystal litter is a highly absorbent and dust-free material that quickly soaks up liquid, meaning there’s no need to be constantly cleaning up after each mess. One thing that makes the Marltons Crystal Litter product unique is that it contains unique antibacterial blue beads that inhibit bacteria, making your cat’s litter tray more hygienic. Crystal litters are inherently clump-free and odour-free, which gives you a hassle-free experience.

As you can see, the Marltons cat litter range has a product based on each material, which takes us to our next points to consider: these materials’ ease of use, and their ability to control unpleasant cat litter odours in the home. Unpleasant odours can be challenging, and often occur when cat urine breaks down in the litter, releasing ammonia – the main culprit behind bad cat litter smells.

The maintenance and cleaning levels vary between cat litter materials, which mean varying degrees of odour control. Here’s how you can better understand how these properties can help you choose a cat litter product that best fits in with your lifestyle: 





Bentonite clay

Cost-effective & biodegradable but can be messy and requires a fair bit of work to maintain.

Odours are best prevented by daily removal of natural clay cat litter products.


Cost-effective & biodegradable but can be messy and requires regular maintenance.

Not the best at locking in moisture (which reduces odours), regular removal is advised to prevent odours.


Scores top marks for convenience and minimal maintenance – it’s not the most sustainable option though, can only be disposed of in the bin/landfill sites.

Each silica sand crystal has millions of microscopic pores which evaporates liquid and locks odours inside, leaving your home smelling fresh.

Clumping clay
It’s the best of both worlds, biodegradable, and convenient. Clumps are easy to scoop out, requiring a simple litter top-up to maintain.
Clumping clay is highly absorbent and very effective at odour control, forming instant clumps that lock in moisture.

We’re sure you're excited to apply your newfound cat litter knowledge to find the perfect product for your feline friends; it's just another way we enjoy showing that, at Marltons #WeCare.