Caring for your Kitty

Caring for your Kitty

Getting a cat? A cat may be one of the most independent house pets and need a lot more care than one may realise. For a healthy cat, it’s important to start off on a good foot and establish a few good habits. Here are a few health care tips from for your new kitty:


Brush your cat once a day:

Cats spend hours grooming themselves and because of their hook-like structures on their tongue tiny hairs get caught on the surface and are swallowed by your cat. The majority of the hair will pass through your cat however some hair may become logged in the tummy, collect and form a hairball. A hairball is normally expelled through vomiting. To prevent hairballs from forming, using a soft bristle brush, give them a pampering brush them. This will help to decrease the occurrence of hairballs. Get fussy cats to cooperate by associating the brushing with something that makes them happy such as a treat or a favorite cat toy. Or try brushing kitty just before meal time.


Make sure they’re drinking enough:

Cats derive most of their water from their food and are usually fed on a combination of dry and wet food. Dry pellets contain very little water whereas wet foods can contain as much as 75% water. Therefore it is important to ensure your cat has access to fresh water whenever they need it. Some cats may even need more water – particularly if they’re elderly or nursing.


Toilet Habits:

Cats are very private individuals and prefer to “read the newspaper” in peace. Many will pop behind a bush or use a preferred spot however many households provide that have a Kitty litter tray for their Feline Friend. A cat tray should never be placed in high traffic area or where food is served. But rather in a quiet private corner of the house. The cat tray must be cleaned on a regular basis and refilled with your preferred Cat Litter.


Introduce a scratching post:

Scratching is another part of yours cats grooming and maintenance program. Scratching or clawing is your kitty’s way of dislodging and removing the transparent sheath that grows over its claws. This keeps kitty’s claws healthy and sharp. Scratching also stretches and tones your cats back and shoulder muscles, keeping kitty fit and subtle. To prevent your kitty from scratching the contents of your home to pieces, train them to use a scratching post. The trick here is to make the scratching post more appealing than anything else.


Start off by placing the post in the center of the room and sprinkle with catnip as your kitty become a custom to using the post you can gradually move the scratching post away from the center of the room to a more desirable location.


Spay & Neuter:

To prevent unwanted breeding and promote responsible cat ownership, it is recommended that cats sprayed or neutered. This not only aids in the health of your kitty but also prevents from adding to the already large population of stray and unwanted cats in South Africa.


Caring for your kitty is easy. Visit your local Supermarkets, Vet or Pet Shop and stock up on Marltons Cat products.