After a hot, hot summer and autumn, the cold winter snap has finally arrived… If you’re feeling the chill in the air then so are your furry best friends. Never fear pet owners, Marltons is here to help ensure your fur babies are all sorted for the cold season! Here are a few pet care tips to keep in mind this winter:


  1. Does my dog feel the cold?


The short answer is: yes. The long answer? Some dogs, like Huskies, are lucky enough to have thick coats, which make dealing with the winter chill easier. But that doesn’t mean all dogs are exempt from feeling the cold. If your dog seems happy outdoors in the cold, leave them to their fun. Just make sure they have a warm spot to rest when they do feel the cold. However, if your furry friend is shaking, anxious, whining or begging to come inside, they’re in need of extra warmth. Consider getting them a doggy jacket, bringing them in or making their bed extra cosy with our Medifleece blanket.


  1. Should my dog sleep inside or outside?


It’s important you make sure your furry friend has access to somewhere safe and warm to sleep when it’s cold. The rule of thumb is: puppies should always sleep inside. The same applies for adults and teens if possible. However, if your adult dog needs to sleep outdoors due to an issue such as incontinence, ensure they have a cosy kennel that’s waterproof and insulated. Make sure it’s in an enclosed location if possible, and position it so that no wind or rain can get in. Prevent mould or moisture from getting in by raising the kennel off the ground just a little. Make it extra cosy with our Medifleece blanket.



  1. What bedding does my dog need? 


If your dog sleeps on the floor, a simple blanket is probably not enough to keep them warm. Instead, opt for a comfy and cosy dog bed. It’s also the perfect way to keep your pup off the couch or your bed! While you’re here, why not take a look at our range of doggy beds?



  1. Can I groom my dog in winter?


Our advice is to steer clear of cutting your pup’s coat during the chilly season. Their coats will thicken naturally as it gets cooler – this is how they keep warm! Brush their coat regularly to ensure it looks good and prevent matted fur, which can affect your dog’s ability to stay warm. P.S. if you’re going to bath your doggy, make sure you do so when the sun is out so they can dry off comfortably. If it’s very cold, try towel-drying them and using a hair dryer! Try one of our specialised dog shampoos.



  1. Does my dog still need to go for walks?


Yes! Just like us, dogs need sunshine and exercise all year round to stay healthy.  They might appear a bit more sluggish in winter, but regular exercise will keep your pooch happy and healthy. If you’re not up for a walk, make sure you play outside in the garden for a bit. We’ve got the perfect doggy toy range for this!



  1. Can I feed my dog more?


Yes and no… The cold weather will have your fur baby burning more energy to keep warm. Very active dogs will definitely need more food in winter. But don’t overdo it or you may risk their health. Add just a little bit extra to their regular portions – or give them a few treats. We’ve got a bunch of snacks and treats that are tasty enough to make any doggy’s day!



  1. What winter pests should I look out for?


Did you know that even in winter, ticks and fleas can be a problem for your pup? These pests are present all year round! A word of advice though: steer clear of tick and flea dips and opt for something that doesn’t require wetting your pup. Try our range of winter-friendly doggy healthcare products. 



Bonus tip & final say


Heaters and fireplaces are a great way for dogs to keep warm… But just remember that they can get burned if they’re too close – especially if they’re wearing a dog jacket. A good safety precaution is to use a fire screen to ensure your fur baby maintains a safe distance.  


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