5 Tips to Survive Puppy Teething

5 Tips to Survive Puppy Teething

Is your pup chewing everything in your home but the kitchen sink? Your puppy could be teething! That’s right… Just like us humans, your dog’s baby teeth will fall out as a puppy to make way for new adult teeth. Not to worry, we’re here to help you get through this without too many home items falling prey to those sharp puppy teeth! Put a stop to the doggy demolition of your flip flops, clothes and table legs with these five helpful tips:


    1. Rotate puppy chew toys

First thing first: It’s important you understand that teething is a painful process and the only way your pup can help relieve the pain in their gums is by chewing things! Ensure your pup has plenty of doggy toys to gnaw on instead of your furniture and clothing. To keep them interested in their toys, rotate them every week or so. If they get bored they could revert to chewing on your things.

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    2. Teach your pup what they can and can’t chew

It’s important to teach your pup from the get-go what they’re allowed and not allowed to chew. If you see them go after something that isn’t a chew toy, take it away and replace it with one of their toys. This is a great way to show them what they can’t chew – and if you’re consistent with it, your pup should catch on quick!

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    3. Freeze their toys for pain relief

Help your pup through the worst of their discomfort by soaking their soft chew toys in water and putting them in the freezer. The cold will help soothe their sore gums and potentially numb the pain! It’s also the perfect puppy treat on a hot day.

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    4. Give your pup chewy treats

Chewy treats are another great way to help your pup through teething. Switching up their chew toys for chewy treats will keep them focused on the things they can chomp on – and away from your things! It’s also a good way to reward good behaviour. So, if your pup hasn’t chewed any of your belongings, reward them with a chew stick!

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    5. Try toys with texture

When buying chew toys look for the ones that are rubbery, textured or made of rope. Their textured or knobbly surface will help to massage sore gums – and possibly become your pup’s new favourite chew!

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Final word: Remember that the puppy teething process doesn’t last too long but giving your pup all the chew toys they need to gnaw on could save you a lifetime of bad chomping behaviour!