The countdown to Easter has begun! For those who celebrate, it can be a day filled with loads of great family fun… But for your pets, it can be a day full of temptation to sniff, lick and sample things that can be bad for them. Want to avoid a trip to the vet on this holiday? We’ve got you covered with these 8 tips for Easter pet safety:

Keep chocolate out of reach

Everyone knows that chocolate is bad for cats and dogs. Unfortunately, during Easter, their chances of sneaking a bit of chocolate rise exponentially. Make sure your stash of Easter eggs is well hidden from naughty kitties and doggies sniffing about. If you have young children, we suggest you supervise in case they hand your pet a choccie. Or better yet… Hide your pet’s favourite toys and treats indoors and have them do a pet-friendly Easter hunt while the kids do theirs outdoors! P.S. Don’t lose track of where you hide the Easter eggs or you might find your pet gets to them.

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Avoid Easter grass

Easter grass is that fake, decorative grass that often sits in the bottom of an Easter basket. It might look pretty but it’s also a hazard for pets. As curious creatures, given the opportunity, cats and dogs are likely to ingest a few strands. Unlike real grass, Easter grass doesn’t pass through pet intestines as easily and can become stuck there, causing complications for your pet. Rather opt for shredded toilet paper instead!

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Say no to Easter Lilies

If you have a kitty, steer clear of Easter Lilies! Why? While they might look pretty, Easter Lilies are toxic to cats and can cause all sorts of problems like lethargy and vomiting. 

Crowded spaces can overwhelm pets

While it’s fun for you to spend time with family at Easter, a crowded space can overwhelm pets. If your pet struggles with noise or crowds it may be best to give them a safe space to themselves. Pop them in another room and make sure they’re all set up with their pet bed, favourite toy and a snack! As an added bonus, it’ll also save your pets from begging for table scraps.

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