Scratches & Toys

Taking care of your pet and keeping them happy is easier than ever with Marltons because we understand that you want to provide your cats with all they need to lead a comfortable life. That’s why Marltons have developed a range of accessories that will keep your cat entertained for hours and cater to their daily needs.

Scratching Tree

Item Number: 6216

Size Available in:
38 x 38 x 110cm

Scratching Jute Plush

Item Number: 62401

Size Available in:
24.5 x 24.5 x 42cm

Color Variants:

Scratcher With Multi Level Ladder & Toys

Item Number: 62474

Size Available in:
35 x 35 x 72cm

Scratcher Brown With Pole

Item Number: 62421

Size Available in:
34 x 34 x 46cm

Scratcher 2 Levels With Tunnel

Item Number: 62472

Size Available in:
50 x 50 x 75cm

Cat Scratching Block

Item Number : 6150C

Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.

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Value Pack Cat Toys – Medium

Item Number: 6272

Cat Soccer Balls 3 Pack

Item Number: 6074

Feather Tail Dangler

Item Number: 6371

Laser Toy on keyring

Item Number: 58701

Sponge Ball

Item Number: 6375

Size Available in: 4cm (60 pieces in tub)

Rainbow Ball With Feather

Item Number: 6374

Size Available in: 3.5cm (60pcs in tub)

Long Hair Glitter Mouse

Item Number: 6280

Available in: 3 pack

Glitter Ball

Item Number: 6286

Size Available in:
4cm (4 pack)

Camo Mouse

Item Number: 6277

Available in:
3 pack

Cat Toys Value Pack

Item Number : 6271C

Size: Available in Small; Medium and Large

Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

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