• 10 Tips For Bringing A New Pet Home

    October 01 2020

    10 Tips For Bringing A New Pet Home

    Congratulations, you’ve decided to get a pet – this is an exciting time! Now to prepare for bringing them home. Here’s what you need to know…

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  • 100% Natural Cat Litter

    July 22 2019

    100% Natural Cat Litter

    Create a comfy environment for your kitties with Marltons Hygiene Clumping Litter. Available in subtle Baby Powder and Exotic Flower fragrances. This litter instantly clumps, eliminates odours and is 100% natural! Find it at your local supermarket, pet shop or vet...

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  • The Family Furball

    July 07 2017

    The Family Furball

    Caring for your kitty Getting a cat? While they may be one of the most independent house pets, cats need a lot more care than one may realise. If you want a healthy cat, it’s important to start off on a good foot and establish a few good habits. Here are five...

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