One of the joys of owning dogs is playing with them. Our range of dog toys is bound to keep your four-legged friend’s tail wagging whether you’re there to entertain them or not.

Tennis Ball on Rope

Vinyl Rugged Ring

Item Number: 5743

Size Available in: 95mm and 150mm

Solid Rubber Ball

Item Number: 5212

Size Available in: 55mm, 63mm and 70-75mm

Vinyl 4 Sausages on a Rope

Item Number: 5288

Size Available in: 80cm

Six Pack Tennis Balls

Item Number: 5647

Rubber Ball With Bell

Item Number: 5214

Size Available in: 50mm

Plush Bone Assorted

Item Number: 5966

Size Available in: 17cm

Vinyl Rugby Ball

Size: Available in 18cm

Vinyl Bone

Size: Available in 140mm

Tennis Ball Three Pack

Tennis Ball Packed In Netting

Size: Available in Extra Large

Solid Rubber Ball

Size: Available in 63mm

Rubber With Bell

Size: Available in 70mm

Squeaky Porcupine

Latex Chicken

Size: Available in 27cm

Felt Rubber Baseball

Dog Rope Tug With Mini Tennis Ball

Size: Available in 20cm

Dog Rope Bone With 2 Tennis Balls

Size: Available in 25cm

Dog Bone Tug Rope

Size: Available in 21 inch and 24inch

Dog Bone Rope Ball Shape

Size: Available in 6cm and 7.6cm

Dog Bone Rope

Size: Available in 8 inch; 13 inch; 21 inch and 25 inch

Dog Tug Rope With Tennis Ball

Size: Available with Large and Extra Large Tennis Ball

Dog Tug Rope With Tennis Ball

Size: Available in 20cm x 180g; 40cm x 150g; 45cm x 340g

Dog Rope Tug With Handle

Size: Available in 61cm x 670g

Dog Rope Tug

Size: Available in 28cm x 110g

Dog Rope Bone

Size: Available in 35.5cm x 160g; 43cm x 270g; 50cm x 330g

3 Knot Rope Bone

I've seen a look in a dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that dogs think humans are nuts.

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