Housing & Bedding

Rest is important for man’s best friend if they are to maintain their upbeat demeanor. We’re here to ensure your four-legged friend is able to enjoy their down time and recharge properly with our range of comfortable beds, cushions and blankets.

Round Dog Beds

Item Number: 5441

Rectangular Dog Bed

Item Number: 7747

Size Available in:
Small (400 x 600cm)
Medium (600 x 800cm)
Large (800 x 1000cm)

PVC Dog Bed

Item Number:

Size Available in:
60 x 40cm
60 x 80cm
80 x 1m

Pola Plastic Dog Beds

Item Number: 7581

Size Available in:
49 x 34 x 21cm
57 x 40 x 23cm
66 x 46 x 26cm
75 x 52 x 27cm
83 x 58 x 29cm
91 x 64 x 30cm
103 x 71 x 32cm
118 x 82 x 34cm

Plastic Pet Carrier Deluxe

Item Number: 5477

Size Available in:
57 x 37 x 35cm
63 x 41 x 40cm

Color Variants:

Pet Carry Box

Item Number: 5506

Size Available in:
56 x 36 x 46cm
91 x 61 x 76cm

Econon Foam Dog Bed

Item Number: 7774

Size Available in:

Fibre Fill Deluxe Sleeper

Item Number: 7841

Size Available in:
80 x 60cm
145 x 100cm

Color Variants:

Dog House

Item Number: 7570

Size Available in:
59 x 75 x 66cm

Dura Dog Kennel

Item Number: 7571

Size Available in:
66 x 40 x 40cm
78 x 50 x 50cm
89 x 60 x 60cm
100 x 70 x 70cm
112 x 80 x 80cm

Dog Cages

Item Number: 5449

Size Available in:
61 x 44 x 50cm
93 x 56.5 x 63.5cm

Dog Bed With – Printed Cushion

Item Number: 7852

Size Available in:
60 x 40cm
60 x 80cm

Dog Bed

Item Number: 7814

Size: Available in Small; Medium and Large

Fibre Fill Dog Cushion

Item Number: 7758C

Size: Available in Small; Medium; Large and Extra-Large

Round Donut Bed

Item Number: 7789C

Size: Available in 75cm; 1m and 1.2m

Medifleece Blanket

Size: 70 X 100cm

Item Number: 5431C
Barcode: 6005398054318

Foam Dog Bed

Item Number: 5422C

Size: Available in 40cm; 50cm and 60cm

Dog Blanket

Size: 1 x 1m

Item Number : 5415C
Barcode: 6005398054158

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